Teacup Grooming Update

Trails will be groomed Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. Enjoy and travel safely!

And, Richard Fay is getting all nervous that the required number of volunteers aren’t signed-up yet for this year’s Washington State School for the Blind winter sports program at Teacup. If you can help, please sign up with Richard at rrfay@comcast.net. A bunch of planning goes into getting everyone trained and to assure that every student has the opportunity to ski. It’s HUGE fun! Dates are Tuesday and Wednesday March 7th & 8th. We are required to have 45 volunteers. Training is provided, but you need to contact Richard rrfay@comast.net before easy training. You’ll love it and the students have always enjoyed the on-snow time. It’s a win-win. rrfay@comcast.net . Thank you 🙂 – Harold

Note: Car break-ins have been reported this season at snowparks. Try not to leave valuables visible or in your auto while parked..

Remember your Snow Park pass.
More info at twitter.com/#!/TeacupNordic

Think positive. Think Snow!
Harold Fischer, Teacup Groomer

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