Special Projects

Several ONC Chapters take responsibility for Nordic-focused special areas, associated facilities, and programs. From groomed Nordic trails and shelters, to overnight cabins, to school teaching and training programs, to travel trips and tours, ONC Chapters offer a broad spectrum of opportunities to get out and enjoy the Winter landscape. We invite you to come with us and share this bounty in our Winter Wonderland.

Teacup Grooming Update

Trails will be groomed Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. Enjoy and travel safely! And, Richard Fay is getting all nervous that the required number of volunteers aren’t signed-up yet for this year’s Washington State School for the Blind winter sports program at … Continue reading

Tilly Jane A-Frame

The Portland Chapter of Oregon Nordic Club (ONC-PDX) took over responsibility for the upkeep of the Tilly Jane A-Frame shelter about 2009 and operates under an agreement with the US Forest Service. Reservations for use of the A-Frame must be … Continue reading