Safety & Health

Avalanche Safety

Generally, avalanches are not a major problem in Oregon. At least, not on your average Nordic Club ski trip. However, backcountry skiers and snowshoers should be attuned to the possibility of avalanches. There is an organization in Oregon dedicated to … Continue reading

Winter Driving Tips

As winter approaches it’s a good time to think about a winter driving refresher, and here’a a good one that will get you thinking about your winter driving skills and abilities, key parts of your vehicle, and a helpful list of things … Continue reading

Mountain Lion Safety

In the vast majority of mountain lion encounters, these animals exhibit avoidance, indifference, or curiosity. Your response may not be so indifferent. It is natural to be alarmed, but keep your cool and consider the following: There are a few … Continue reading

The Ten Nordic Essentials

When You’re On Skis in the Mountains, Remember – The Mountain Rules! We Americans have our “Ten Essentials”. The Norwegian touring organization, “Den Norske Turistforening” or DNT for short, has a different set of “Ten Essentials”. The only item common to both … Continue reading

Nordic Clothing Basics

The goal is to remain comfortable (not cold, not hot) in a winter environment while exercising and while resting. Thermal insulation – preserving body warmth Moisture control – letting perspiration escape while keeping melting snow and rain out. Wind barrier – … Continue reading

Protect Your Feet

Prevent Metatarsal Spread “Metatarsal Spread” is an aging condition of the feet. Here we thought it was only going to be our hips that spread! It is often characterized by burning in the area behind the ball of the foot.  … Continue reading