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Oregon Nordic Club encourages and promotes Nordic and other outdoor activities throughout Oregon and adjoining border areas. ONC has thousands of members and 10 local chapters located throughout the state. ONC has a strong public, social, economic, and political voice and impact on Nordic issues, resources, and facilities.

Local chapter members organize a wide variety of events and activities. We have year-round day tours and overnight trips that cater to a full range of abilities, from beginner to professional, and interests. We also offer Nordic lessons, informative meetings and seminars, public service events, and we help determine state and local policies that impact Nordic activities. Several local chapters maintain marked and groomed Nordic trails, publicly accessible cabins, and other facilities.

Join a local chapter to share in the fun and the personal, social, economic, and health benefits of a Pacific Northwest group Nordic experience.

ONC News

SONC Grooming Update

March 22, 2017 update: I groomed Buck Prairie today. Natasha’s web from the Sno-Park to the intersection with the Table Mountain trail is good. The Table Mountain sled trail up to the upper end of the Buck Prairie loop and the Buck Prairie loop are excellent. All the Hyatt Lake trails have multiple bare spots and are not groomed. There are a couple of bare spot, one quite long, on the Hyatt end of theTable Mountain sled trail. If the warm, rainy weather continues, this may be the last grooming. Continue reading

Teacup Grooming Update

Trail grooming will continue Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday (perhaps Friday of next week also, if conditions are favorable during spring break). Trail grooming during the month of April is highly likely while snow depth remains deep enough for safe … Continue reading

Tilly Jane Photos

Some rather old photos of the Tilly Jane Guard Station and the slopes above TJ. Kevin McGillivray photographed all but one of the six photos (the classic July 1943 photo – supplied by the FS). Briefly: Two 2011 photos t of … Continue reading

Tilly Jane Lodging

The Tilly Jane Guard Station is ONLY available weekends during the winter months. This is primarily due to firewood usage and storage capacity limits, thus it books up quickly. Check the Reserve America website occasionally as cancellations do occur. You … Continue reading

Tilly Jane A-Frame

The Portland Chapter of Oregon Nordic Club (ONC-PDX) took over responsibility for the upkeep of the Tilly Jane A-Frame shelter about 2009 and operates under an agreement with the US Forest Service. Reservations for use of the A-Frame must be … Continue reading

The John Craig Story

Two miles west of the McKenzie Pass summit and the Dee Wright Observatory is the John Craig Memorial.  John Craig was a legendary postmaster who, after attempting to ski Christmas mail over McKenzie Pass in the winter of 1877, was … Continue reading

Introducing new.ONC.org

Oregon Nordic Club introduces our new.ONC.org website developed for ONC and its associated Chapters. We use WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS) that gives authorized contributors direct editor access to the site through any web-connected browser. The roles and permissions … Continue reading